health care transformation

transformationThinking and praying this morning about friends in need, especially the ones who truly fall through the cracks regarding health care coverage.  I believe that we have always been a nation where citizens help one another.   This is our heritage.  Long before welfare, the church met these needs.  Somewhere along the line, as government provided more services, the church has done less.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a part of a small but generous church who makes sacrifices to meet the needs of its members.  But as a whole, congregations have become social clubs, instead of engineers for social and spiritual transformation.  There is more focus on buildings and programs than meeting the needs of the community.

My first thought was that perhaps individuals who have health care insurance and would be willing, could purchase the insurance needed by a family down the street or someone in their family.  In doing that, you would provide an opportunity for generosity, for building community and you could avoid the expensive middle-man– governmental bureaucracy, saving billions in expense and avoiding tax hikes.

If this is possible, then why not take it to the next level?   What if a national non-profit were established with stringent financial accountability, a  board of directors including physicians and insurance agents and lawyers and accountants, committed to meeting the health care needs of our nation.  Individuals and businesses would be able to give,  and no matter how much a large company gave,  it would undoubtedly be cheaper for them than the tax increases and mandatory requirements of any of the health care bills in play right now.  Additionally, there would be NO governmental involvement or ties allowed as a part of this venture.   This would be America at its best, citizens meeting the needs of citizens.

What if, instead of re-forming the health care system, we were to TRANS-form the health care system.  Call me a wild-eyed optimist, idealist—call me what you want.  But I believe such an option would not only provide transformation of the health care industry, but perhaps the transformation of a nation.



One thought on “health care transformation

  1. Leslie Arthur 16.09.09 at 7.41 PM Reply

    Gwen, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Christian Healthsharing Programs. I.e. Medishare for one. I’ve only heard the ads on Christian radio, don’t know much about it, but it’s very intriguing. I know it’s not exactly the same as what you’re talking about, but that’s what came to my mind. Do you have any thoughts on such programs?

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