how to end the debate over health care

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: “The accusation of racism is a sign of desperation by people who know they are losing the national debate and they want to hurl the ultimate charge in American politics. This is dealing from the bottom of the deck and I agree that it is a disgusting tactic. Its done as a way to end debate. The minute you call somebody a racist the debate is over, you don’t continue. Accusations of racism are the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel.”



3 thoughts on “how to end the debate over health care

  1. Rebecca 18.09.09 at 8.18 AM Reply

    I have to take issue with this. Just as I cannot look into the minds of conservatives and know that they are motivated by racism, Charles Krauthammer cannot in any way determine that those charging racism aren’t sincere in doing so. My Mom is convinced that much of the vitriol and incivility hurled at the President is motivated by racism. I’m not so sure. What I can tell you for sure is that my mother is not a “liberal scoundrel”.

    • ghkik 19.09.09 at 10.22 PM Reply

      I think your mother is entitled to her opinion, and I take your word that she is not a scoundrel. 🙂 That said, I also think that in the public debate of ideas, when “racism” is decried, it tends to end the discussion. Let’s say that I dislike the lyrics and style of a particular Asian singer. I attempt to state clearly that what offends me is her sexual lyrics. Then, when someone says, “Well, you just don’t like her because she’s Asian. You’re racist.” Everything that I might say to defend my REASONS for not being her fan is then dismissed under the guise of racism. End of discussion. Any legitimate point that I might make, even using her own lyrics to condemn her, is dismissed without fair analysis of WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY AND WHETHER OR NOT THERE IS TRUTH IN IT.
      And while I am sure there are many journalists as well as politicians who are truly concerned about racism entering into the discussion, I believe that more are concerned with shutting down opposition to the current administration, and they know that name calling is a sure way to do it.

  2. Rebecca 22.09.09 at 1.51 PM Reply

    But I think that when you cite specific objections to this singer’s lyrics in a thoughtful and reasoned way, it is a very different thing than if you just hurled insults at her. I don’t think anyone is alleging that those who disagree with the President are racist; at least I’m not. My mother’s point, and I can see where she’s coming from even if I don’t agree, is that the ugly tone the debate has taken on is in some degree due to racism. We both know that racism exists, even among those who are intelligent and educated enough to know better. Therefore, the possibility always exists that my Mom is correct in her assessment, and I am certain that she and others who share her concern are not employing any kind of “tactic”.

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