Obama signs the Executive Order on Abortion today – but don’t expect to see it on TV

Yesterday we had all the pomp and circumstance of your local high school graduation.  Ceremony, fancy clothes, pride, hugs and…yes, profanity.  Profanity?  Yeah, you know how you’re at your nephew’s graduation in some small county high school and he’s the valedictorian and you’re so proud.  Then Jessie Smith or some such kid gets his name announced and somewhere in the crowd his whole family goes nuts and someone says, “Hell yeah!  Go Jessie!” and everyone is embarrassed except the Smiths who are hugging each other, thrilled to finally have someone in their family graduate.  You’re glad for them, for it is a great accomplishment indeed, but everyone is a little embarrassed at the off-putting outcry.

Well, that’s what happened yesterday as our ‘Great Nation’ prepared to sign this ‘historic piece of legislation.’  Joe Biden, in all of his Irish pomp, gave ol’ Barry a big hug and said, “This is a f*&$in’ big deal,” forgetting his mike was on.  Nice one, Joe.  Nice.  I know you’re proud because your family of democrats has never been able to accomplish anything quite so huge, so absolutely devastating to the country’s economy and foundation, but could we leave the profanity out of it?

Today, President Obama will be signing the Executive Order which he says ‘prevents federal funding from being diverted for abortion’.  But the fact is that law overrides executive orders every time.  The National Right to Life Committee argued that, “The executive order promised by President Obama was issued for political effect. It changes nothing. It does not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill. The president cannot amend a bill by issuing an order, and the federal courts will enforce what the law says.”

While the pro-choice groups pretend to be incensed by his ‘capitulation,’ don’t let that fool you.  They claim they now “have their work cut out for them,” but that work may merely be using the E.O. for fund-raising purposes.  No doubt they were consulted before this agreement, and know full well that in the end abortion funding will not be limited in any way.

So today, when President Obama signs the Executive Order it will be done in private.  No cameras, no audience.  No pats on the back, no hugs all around.  As Joe might say, “No f($*%(in’ big deal.”


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One thought on “Obama signs the Executive Order on Abortion today – but don’t expect to see it on TV

  1. Gwendolyn Kik 25.03.10 at 8.27 AM Reply

    A lovely update:

    “At a Baltimore fund-raiser last night, Biden said President Obama brought up his faux pas at a White House morning briefing and remarked: “You know what the best thing about yesterday was? Joe’s comment.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/03/25/2010-03-25_obama_to_biden_slips_no_big_deal.html#ixzz0jCMurCMS

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